Mazarrón Eco-Parque

For any items which are not suitable for our internal refuse containers within the MCC Urbanisation please refer to the text and map below explaining where the Eco-parque is and what you can take there.

If you are unable to transport large items yourself, then you can arrange collection through the community office. It is really not acceptable to leave waste at the side of our containers and it is considered by most of the residents living here to be an act of gross laziness.

Mazarrón Eco-Parque rules

Accepted waste maximum allowed per person per day

Mineral oils. 5 litres

Vegetable oils. 10 litres

Paper packaging. 10 kg.

Glass containers. 30 kg

Light packaging. 10 kg

Wood. 30 kg

Paper and paperboard. 20 kg

Alkaline batteries. 30 units.

Button batteries. 20 units.

WEEE (electrical and electronic equipment) not dangerous. 5 units – 100 kg

WEEE containing other dangerous substances. 5 units – 50 kg

Bulky waste. 2 units

Remains of paintings. 5 units

Textiles. 20 kg

Fluorescent tubes. 5 units

Glass. 10 kg

Waste not accepted:

Industrial waste.

Organic waste

Mixed waste.