House & Fencing Colours on MCC

At the AGM in March 2018, it was overwhelmingly agreed that we should ensure that all Owners of properties on MCC adhere to the yellow and ‘off’ white colour scheme. Under article 2 of the statutes of MCC and under article 7 of the Horizontal Property Law it clearly states that the property colours should remain the same as those originally applied.

The colours originally applied are Petrex 5 "Marfil Claro" which is the off-white, and Petrex 5 "Al-Andalus Liso" which is the yellow and these specific colours are obtainable from Pinturas Dario in Mazarrón town. The metal fencing should be black or white. Please use these colours when re-painting your property, to safeguard the aesthetics of our environment and be aware that any Owner deviating from these colours can be asked to re-paint their property.