MCC Newsletter September 2023

Hello Everybody,

I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer.
You may have noticed that another smaller pergola has appeared on the gardens between Areas 31 and 33. Many thanks to the AON for continuing to fund this project to enhance our public areas.

Clean Team

We have had a proposal from an owner to set up a "Clean Team", a group of volunteers who would be prepared to take a bin bag with them on walks around our urbanisation to collect any bits of rubbish they may see. We feel this would definitely be a good idea and so are appealing for volunteers who would be prepared to do this on a regular basis now that the baking heat of the summer is dissipating. If you would be prepared to join this group, please contact Sue McCluskey on the following email address:

Many thanks.


Some recent owners may not realise that our water pipes run underneath the pavements. Parking your vehicle half on the pavement is therefore not a good idea because this can damage the fragile water pipes underneath the pavement and cause leaks. They should be laid on and covered with sand but this was not done properly by the original developer so stones rupture the pipes easily. You may think you are helping with traffic flow but in fact you are causing more problems! It also means that pedestrians and people with buggies have difficulty in passing and have to go out onto the road. So please, do not park on the pavement. If you rent out your property, please advise your renters not to do this.

Speed Humps

The project for these has been drawn up and presented to the Town Hall. We now await their approval which will not happen before September. If we hear nothing, we shall chase it up with them.

Water Pipes

There has been a lot of chat on social media about replacing the water pipes instead of just repairing them when we have leaks. We have priced up replacing the main pipe around one area where we have been having a lot of leaks and this would cost in the region of 30,000 euros! It is expensive because it is not just digging up the pavement and replacing the pipe, it has to be connected to the network and then also to each individual house. So it is not as simple as some people would have you believe and the cost for the whole estate would be way beyond what we could afford unless we were to pass the cost on to all the home owners. Even to do this one area we would have to do this and it would require a proposal to next year's AGM. We have also made many attempts to get our water taken over by Aqualia, but to no avail. We shall not stop trying but it is unlikely that this could happen before we are adopted.

Dog Ownership - New Laws

There are new laws in force from September regarding dog ownership. The law says :

Article 30. Dog ownership.

1.鈥働ersons who opt to be dog owners must accredit the completion of a training course for dog ownership, which shall be valid indefinitely.

2.鈥僑aid training course shall be free of charge and its content shall be determined by regulation.

3.鈥僆n the case of dog ownership and throughout the life of the animal, the owner must take out and maintain in force civil liability insurance for damages to third parties, which includes in its coverage the persons responsible for the animal, for an amount sufficient to cover possible derived expenses, which shall be established by regulation.

Regarding your home insurance policy, you have to check if it has an RC policy too (Responsabilidad Civil = Civil liability)

I believe the training course mentioned will be available on line but as yet do not have any further information on this.

Goat herder's dogs

Thank you all for the generous donations of food for these animals. We are continuing our efforts to get them taken away. There has been another incident where they actually attacked one of the goats! So please be careful if walking your dogs close to the campo, especially on the pink path near areas 31 and 33.

La Taberna

The good news is that new tenants have been found for our Taberna and they will be opening in October. They are Spanish and currently run the El Faro de Puntas de Calnegre restaurant on the beach at Calnegre. Their paellas are wonderful!

Work on MCC

We continue to request new quotations for work around the urbanisation, eg. Rubbish collection, gardening, street cleaning, etc. in order to get the best value for the benefit of us all.

The Board

Please reflect on whether you would be able to give something back to the urbanisation by volunteering to join the Board at the next AGM. Please contact me if you would like further information on this or on taking up one of the officer positions on the Board.

Water Leaks

If you see a water leak:

Please email the office on and mark your email urgent and it will be attended to. The office does not monitor social media so announcing it on Facebook is not helpful!

I hope that you have found this newsletter informative.

Kind regards,

Glenys Golding