MCC Newsletter June/July 2023

Hello Everybody,

The new shingle has been laid around the new pergola and on the Pétanque courts in the gardens below Area 30/31 and it all looks very nice! Thanks again to the AON for funding this.


PLEASE do not leave bags of rubbish next to the bins. Someone keeps doing this, even when there is plenty of room in the bins and it will encourage rats and ants. Please put it in one of the bins, depending on the contents, otherwise someone else has to clear up after you.

Depuration Plant

Work has begun on the new roof for the Depuration Plant, funded by the AON. We already have the new storage container for secure and dry storage for our electrical items.


We have also installed a decalcifier a few months ago and recent checks are showing that this seems to be working well as we have found no more large lumps of calcium which is good news.

Spar Shop

The Spar Shop is now open and seems to be well patronised. The car park behind the office may be used by people shopping there. It is only open during the shop opening hours.

MCC Golf competition

It is that time of year again when some of the golfers among us get together and challenge themselves to achieve the best score and feel like a professional lifting the coveted trophy and holding the title of MCC champion golfer of 2023.

This year the tournament is to be held at Golf Altorreal, Molina de Segura, Murcia on Tuesday 26th September 2023, first tee 10.08. There are 36 places and it shall be on a first come first serve basis. The cost to enter this year is
€ 50 which covers the 18 holes and buggy. Presentation details will be advised nearer the time. If you wish to enter this year then please send your details to include full name, telephone number, address and golf handicap to and complete the payment requirements that will be emailed to you. Please note you will only be entered once payment has been made and all payments must be made by 15th August 2023.

Please do NOT email the office as they will not be able to help you.

Please also note that although Bernie Blakeman has stepped down as part of the organising team she has assisted this year and is happy to answer any queries you may have.

Goat herder - dogs

There have been several incidents recently where residents walking their own dogs have been attacked by the dogs belonging to the local goat herder. If this has happened to you, please go down to the Guardia Civil in Puerto de Mazarrón and do a report (denuncia) about it. We are contacting the Council but they will check with the police how many reports they have had, so the more the better. If you see the goats on the campo or near the urbanisation you would be well advised to keep your distance.

The dogs are only aggressive because they are hungry and many are also in pain from ticks and fleas. Noah's Arc have been supporting these dogs whilst the Town Hall is addressing the situation. Half the herd of goats has gone but the situation with the dogs is still being addressed. This is a slow process. In the mean time, we would ask that the community pulls together and donates food for the dogs which are all in a terrible state. The Board is in touch with Aproama to try to rectify this situation. Donations of food may be left at the office. We understand that this is not really our responsibility but the animals are in distress and we are sure that you would not like any animal to remain so.

ANPR - Barriers

The new cameras for the ANPR system for the barriers have now been installed and the new licences obtained, so the system is now up and running again. Sadly the exit barrier at the front entrance was broken - deliberately - by someone who forced it up when it was not working! So we had to wait for new parts to arrive so that it could be repaired. We are investigating on our CCTV system to see if the person can be identified. If it was you, please own up to the office.

Installation of Solar Panels on your houses

We have been investigating this issue, as many residents are installing solar panels on their homes. As this is considered a minor work, you are only required to submit, along with the requested documentation, the duly completed responsible declaration form to the town hall before starting work on the installation of the panels. The installation company will be able to help you with this, as the requirements are practically the same throughout the region.

You can find relevant information and paperwork required by Mazarrón town council here. This paperwork may be particularly important if you are applying for grants.

Bank charges

We would like to remind you that it is important that the direct debit for community fees can be debited. So make sure there is sufficient balance in your account. If the direct debit cannot be debited, the bank will charge us € 6,-- in bank charges, which we will charge to you.

Pest and mosquitos

The municipality issued an appeal a couple of days ago to remind people that it is very important to maintain their pools and water facilities in the garden. Since the wet month of May, we have had a lot of pests and mosquitoes. They want to prevent this from worsening further and giving the tiger mosquito a chance to multiply.

The Regional Manager of the pest control company Lokimica stressed the need to pay special attention in private homes "where you have to be very careful with (water in) pot plants or pets' drinking bowls, changing the water every day or pools that are in poor condition, make sure that they are well chlorinated, because left unmaintained they generate many kinds of mosquitoes that can harm the entire urbanisation and nearby areas.

You can read the article here.

So make sure your pool is in good condition and that there are no pots, saucers or other objects with layers of water in the garden all day. Empty these daily and change the water for your pets every day.

All that remains is to say, try and keep cool through the current heatwave and have an enjoyable summer!

Kind regards,
Glenys Golding