January Newsletter 2020

Hello and a Happy New Year to you all!

We have been in touch with Silvana Buxton, the councillor for foreigners, who is just as concerned to represent MCC residents as those of Camposol. So she has offered to be available for any council related questions or problems once a month at our offices. The first date will be Monday 3rd February from 10.00 am. We do hope you will find this useful.

It has come to our notice that some owners are sharing postboxes. This is fine, except if one of the sharers sells their property and no one tells the office about the postbox issue! So please, if you are selling your property and sharing a box let the office know as otherwise the lock will be changed and your sharer will have no access to their mail. To say nothing of the admin headache that is caused! If you are currently sharing a box please let the office know so that we can compile a list of these as we are currently looking into the possibility of building more boxes.

The date of our AGM this year will be Wednesday 25th March with the first call at 10.00am. Items for the Agenda must be advised to the office on communityoffice@mccowners.com by Friday, 28th February 2020. This leaves time for the AGM papers to be compiled, translated into all the languages and distributed to all our owners, many of whom live overseas and may wish to attend. All items for discussion must be advised in advance and no additional items will be taken on the day of the meeting, as stated in the Horizontal Property Law. This means that there will be no “Any Other Business” item on the Agenda.

We have been in touch with the local police regarding the problem of speeding on MCC and have received their recommendations, which will form the basis of a proposal to this year’s AGM.

Processionary caterpillar nests have been reported in the pine trees situated in the gardens between Area 20 and Area 33. The gardeners have been dealing with them and have been instructed to check these trees every week in case more nests are found. Originally we were told that the particular pine tree which was planted was not normally used by this caterpillar. Unfortunately this has not proved to be the case this year. Now that we know it is a problem, the trees will be treated against this pest every year, which should stop them nesting there. Meanwhile, please be very careful and it would probably be better NOT to walk your dogs or children in that area for the next couple of months.

Please be aware that, as in most countries, here in Spain you cannot build an extension to your property without a proper licence from the local authority. If you do so it is illegal and you may be required to pull it down. Our office checks all builds with the Council and if there is no licence, your build will be reported to the Guardia Civil who may visit your property and stop the build. The easiest way to ensure you have the correct paperwork is to employ an architect to submit the application on your behalf. This applies to ANY building work including the closing in of porches, etc.

We thought you might be interested to see the savings in electricity made already since the installation of the new street lights. Click on the link below in order to see the graphs for energy consumption up to the end of October for each area of Country Club.

Click here for: Graph of savings being made

Thank you for reading this newsletter and we hope you find this information useful.

Glenys Golding