June/July Newsletter 2020

Continuing with the photo quiz of last April, this Month's Iconic Spanish landmark is a bit harder and a little clue is that it is a 500Km drive in a Westerly direction from Mazarrón.

Answers please to "Where in Spain is this?"

The first three owners to correctly reply to April's photo quiz were:

  • Susan McCluskey
  • Margaret Lee
  • Barry Marks

Well done to you all.

Community of Owners Newsletter June/July 2020

Hello Everybody,

Well, here we are in June and about to come out of lockdown. Covid 19 has affected all our lives throughout 2020, and we hope that we will all get to grips with “the new normal” and go forward together in the safest way possible. Here on MCC we have all been carefully following all the rules over the last few months, and we need to continue to do so and take care where we go and who we associate with, particularly in view of the influx of tourists we can expect through the rest of the summer now that the rules have been relaxed.

So far we have not been able to hold this year’s AGM. Please be assured that we shall do this as soon as we are able to safely do so. As things currently stand, we are unable to hold a large gathering without social distancing inside, (as the room is not big enough for that) and it is too hot to hold it outside.

Many thanks to all residents who have reported dirty pools. These are being dealt with and this action will hopefully help to control the tiger mosquito on MCC.

A leaflet has been written for those who rent out their properties to pass to their renters, to try to avoid some of the most common problems we see here on MCC. It has been sent to the major letting companies, but if you are a private renter and would like a copy, it is here on this website https://mccowners.com/ at the bottom of the page, entitled “Rules for Holiday Lets” or accessible by clicking the following link directly: https://mccowners.com/holiday-rental

A complaint has been received regarding the young men gathering on the Paseo as last summer. We will turn on the spotlights again but if they are anti social and making a nuisance, please report it to the Police each time when it is happening. The Board has no jurisdiction to make them move on, it is a public place.

Please make sure that all official departments or indeed anyone who may send you letters have your box number as the first line of your address. You should put this in Spanish – Buzón …….. This includes Iberdrola/electric company, Aqualia (water), Gas if you have it, Mazarrón council (padron) etc. Correos (the post office) have told us that we are not allowed to hold post for residents, and going through mail to put the buzón number on by looking up each name on the database takes a huge amount of time when the office could be doing other work for you.

Talking of the office – those of you who have been in touch will know that we have a new office lady – Debby Vlasman. She started volunteering for us while Sabina was off sick and we are very happy that she decided to carry on working for us on a paid basis once Sabina took the decision to leave.

Please all remember that from Monday 13th July the wearing of face masks from the moment you leave your home is MANDATORY. There are very few exceptions. So please, for your own safety and the safety of others around you, PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASKS! Yes, it is hot and uncomfortable, but I am sure that being on a ventilator in hospital is much more uncomfortable! There have also been a small number of cases of coronavirus locally.

Gardening rubbish is collected on a Monday. We have noticed that quite a lot of people are putting it out during the week which not only looks unsightly, but allows it to blow around the urbanisation. Please also note that it must be bagged up and not just left on the pavement for the gardeners to clear up. Large builders type bags are available from the office if you do not yet have one. If you employ a gardener, they must take away the rubbish and not leave it out all week until our day of collection.

Why do people leave rubbish NEXT TO the bins?

Look what we found recently. Please do not do this.

If the bin is full then FIND ANOTHER BIN!!! There are maps at each bin area.

It only remains for me to urge you all to take care of yourselves and have a good summer!

Kind regards,

Glenys Golding