April Newsletter 2020

Welcome to the new look Newsletter.

Every Month the Newsletter will begin with a photograph of an iconic Spanish landmark, building or place and also give you the opportunity to reply by sending your answer to. "Where in Spain is this?"

This Month starts with an easy one close to home but they will get harder and test your knowledge of Spain and its many beautiful places.

The first three owners to reply correctly will get a mention in next months Newsletter.

Community of Owners April Newsletter 2020

Hello to you all!

I hope everyone is well and managing to stay safe through this really difficult time. First of all well done to all those of you who have been observing the lockdown rules during this pandemic. I know this is hard, particularly for those who live alone, so if you have a neighbour who is alone please get in touch via phone or email or a quick knock on the door (observing social distancing) to make sure they are ok. We have had some questions to the office so I thought maybe I should share these along with the answers for you all.

Q : Can I go for a walk around the urbanisation?

A : No, this is not allowed unless you are walking your dog, and then only a short walk.

From April 27th 1 adult is allowed to take children under 14 for a short walk from your home to a maximum of 1km and 1 hour between 9am and 9pm. Play areas and parks remain closed.

Q : Can I go food shopping in the Port?

A : No, you must go to your nearest supermarket. If you want to go to Mercadona in Mazarrón town, this is actually slightly nearer than Consum if you go either out the back way and then through the town, or by the motorway but turn off at the toll road exit and go into Mazarrón by the southern route.

Please note that if you do not drive and cannot get to the supermarket, or are classed as vulnerable, Alen’s supermarket on sector A Camposol is delivering to MCC during these difficult times. You need to request friendship with Alen Babana on Facebook and then you can give your order via Messenger. There is a minimum order of 10 items or 15 euros, then delivery is free. Or email him on venuscapital@hotmail.com This a really useful service and if it is used enough there is a chance that it could continue after lockdown.

You may have noticed that our streets were sprayed with disinfectant by the Council lorry last week. We had been talking to Silvana, our Councillor, about this once we realised the rest of the municipality was being cleaned, but the response was that she had been told that it was not possible because we are a Communidad de Propietarios. We felt that this was too important to accept this answer, so we contacted the Mayor, Gaspar Miras Lorente. We had a very nice email back from him saying that of course this must be done, and the lorry arrived here the very next day. So a particular vote of thanks is due to the Mayor for his help in including us in the street cleaning.

Your Board have been keeping in touch with each other during this period even though we are not allowed a face-to-face meeting. We have been using technology such as Google Hangouts and Google Meet to do this plus we recently held the very first historic Board Meeting by video conference. The office is closed but we are continuing to monitor the emails sent to the office and our Estate Manager and Miguel are carrying out essential work to keep our urbanisation up and running.

Face masks are being made by one of our owners and these will be distributed as soon as possible.

Just a word about Post – we have spoken to Correos and we are NOT ALLOWED to keep post for residents in the office. If you have a post box (Buzon) you must make sure that anyone who is likely to send you mail has this as part of your address, eg Iberdrola, Aqualia. Then if a parcel arrives for you the post lady will leave a notification in your post box for you to collect from the post office in Mazarrón. You can register on the Iberdrola website to receive your invoices online and Aqualia will also send you electronic invoices now, as do Carthagosat. We are looking into providing more postboxes once this emergency is over but for now, if there is no box available you need to take one either at Correos, Best Wishes or Just Fabulous so that you have somewhere for your mail to go.

AGM – As you all know the AGM had to be postponed because of the pandemic. We will hold one as soon as possible once the rules of the state of alarm allow us to do so, but we do not know when this will be. Currently the state of alarm has been extended until 9th May.

So for now, stay at home and keep safe!

Kind regards,

Glenys Golding