MCC Newsletter May 2023

MCC Newsletter May 2023

Hello Everybody

A few things to bring to your attention after some recent misunderstandings:


The office is open every Monday morning and every Friday morning from 10.00am to 12.00am, except for bank holidays. It is situated on the ground floor of the large Admin building close to the flag roundabout. Outside these times you can call during the working day (8.00am to 3.00pm) on +34 968 956 200 or email on Mark your email URGENT or EMERGENCY and it will be picked up quickly. If your problem concerns water leaks in the street or community electricity you can also phone Miguel our handyman on +34 661 627 300 for assistance. However he does not speak any language except Spanish. Water leaks or electrical problems within your property are your responsibility and Miguel will still help you if you wish but you will need to pay him separately, the community will not pay for this.


For new owners who do not understand the procedure, our AGM must be run according to the Horizontal Property Law. This states:

" Should a majority of the proprietors representing a majority of the participation quotas not be present at the time of the first call, the general meeting shall then be convened on the second call with no quorum being required.

The general meeting shall be held on second call at the place, date and time indicated in the first summon and may take place the same day at least half an hour later than the first call. Failing that, it shall be called again, in accordance with the requisites established in this article, within eight natural days of the general meeting not held. In this case the notification of the invitation shall be at least three days in advance."

So this is why we have the "first call" followed by the "second call" when the meeting can begin 30 minutes later. We have approximately 800 properties on MCC and usually get approximately 150-200 people at our AGM, so we NEVER have a majority at the first call.

The Board

There was some discontent at the AGM over things that the Board is perceived not to be doing. However, although owners were asked in several newsletters to come forward to join the Board, NO ONE did! All of us on the Board do our best but could certainly do with more help. So we would like to point this out and also ask you all what exactly you want us to do that you think we are not doing. Please email the office on with your suggestions. Please bear in mind that you could be asked to help to carry out what you are requesting as we are all volunteers and have limited time to devote to the Board.

The Board is elected by you, the owners, to carry out the necessary tasks to keep the urbanisation running smoothly and efficiently and to take care of the community money. This includes obvious items such as getting 3 quotations for work required, renewing contracts for services, and always getting the best value for money. All of this is checked on your behalf by the scrutineers. We hope that following the statement written by the scrutineers and sent out with the Minutes of the AGM, you now understand better what their role is. We understand that some of you would like more information about these processes but you should also bear in mind that to us it feels very much as if you do not trust us to carry out the tasks for which you have elected us. Over the following months we will try to find a happy medium between the two positions but please understand that rude and hurtful emails do not help. We are always happy to answer questions if phrased in a polite manner, which was not the case for everyone at the AGM or since.

The Taberna Pool

I am pleased to report that we have spoken to the actual owners of the Taberna and they have confirmed to us that they will be opening the pool for the summer. It has now been confirmed that it will be opening on 15th June until 1st September.

Welcome Pack

All new owners that we are aware of are sent by email a "Welcome Pack" in their own language (as far as we are aware) which comprises a wealth of information about Mazarron Country Club together with a lot of useful numbers and information about the surrounding area. Please read through this as it may well provide answers to some of your questions. If you are a relatively new owner and have not received this, or if you know of someone who may not yet be on our mailing list, please email Debby in the office on and she will send it to you. If you are a new owner, it is your responsibility to make yourselves known to the office either in person or via your lawyer once you have purchased a property on Mazarron Country Club.

Website MCC

We also have a website, Part of this website, the "Latest news" section, is for owners only and you will need to register to gain access. It also contains a lot of information including past newsletters, articles about projects, the origins of the urbanisation, etc. If you are having problems logging in please email

Dog poo bags

As was noted at the AGM recently, we are spending a lot of money on dog poo bags to put in the special bins, and feel that some owners are using these for other purposes. During 2022 we spent over 1,597 euros on these bags and we need to cut this down. So they will not be replaced so often and dog owners will have to provide some of their own bags although the bins will still be available to dispose of their dog's faeces.

Sleeping Policeman project

The Board is pleased that this project has been passed by the AGM and are proceeding to check with the Town Hall and the local Police if any relevant permissions or licences are required and if so, apply for these before we can get the project started.

Increase in community fees 5%

The AGM also approved an increase in community fees by 5% effective immediately. Owners who pay by Direct Debit need do nothing, the increase will be applied automatically. However those who pay by Bank Transfer should amend the amount of your payment to show the increase. Those of you who have informed us of your email address should have received an email confirming your new monthly payment. If not, please check with the office that you have the correct amount. This is applicable from your payment for May.

MCC Knitting Group

The Knitting Group knit children's garments and donate to the local Red Cross who distribute them to local families in need. They are running out of yarn and would be most grateful for any donations of wool that anyone may have which is surplus to their requirements. Wool may be left on the table outside the library or brought to the library on Tuesdays or Knitting Group on Wednesdays, both from 2-4pm at the office.

Non-Potable water

It seems that some owners have access to non-potable water for their gardens. This is NOT drinking water, it is the water from our depuration (sewage) plant which has been sufficiently purified for use on watering plants. We have a licence to use this water for watering our public gardens but NOT for use on private gardens and we could be fined if it was found to be used in this way.

So we will be coming round to check the non-potable water inlets on some properties and capping the pipes where appropriate.

It has also come to our attention that some owners are using this non-potable water TO FILL SWIMMING POOLS!! Please do not do this. This is DANGEROUS to your health and only potable water should be used for this purpose. Swallowing this water could make you extremely ill.

I hope this information will be useful and look forward to a lovely summer.

Kind regards,
Glenys Golding