Mazarrón Country Club AGM 2023

Posting letters on MCC

The Board has recently carried out a test mail and are happy to report that the yellow box on our mailboxes can be used for posting letters. Ensure the letter has the correct postage on it and put it in the yellow box and it will be collected by our post lady and posted.


Can we please remind you all about the rules on campervans. They may not be levelled, the windows may not be opened, the awnings may not be put out, water etc. may not be emptied, cables may not be trailed across the pavements. In other words you may PARK your campervan but you may not CAMP in it. Please click HERE for the full legal rules. If you have a campervan and are not using it for long periods of time, please think of your neighbours and arrange to store it locally if it will not fit on your property. It is NOT acceptable to park it outside someone else’s property!

Spain's new animal welfare law

After months of negotiations, the Spanish congress has finally given the green light to the new animal welfare law, which will particularly affect pet owners. These are some of the parts which may affect people living on MCC.

Dogs and cats will not be allowed to be kept in confined spaces. Violent and degrading practices will also be prohibited, such as “regularly keeping dogs and cats on terraces, balconies, rooftops, or in storage rooms, basements, patios or vehicles”. It will also be illegal to leave your pet alone without supervision for more than three consecutive days, a period that is reduced to just 24 hours in the case of dogs.

Only controlled licensed breeding of animals will be permitted. The law will also implement a set of rules to control the breeding and sale of animals. In general terms, individuals will be prohibited from breeding pets and it will only be allowed by those who are properly registered professionals, who must comply with all animal welfare guarantees. Among these limits, even for registered breeders, will be a rule on the number of litters that each female can have. The fine for breeding animals for commercial purposes without a proper licence will be from € 50,001 to € 200,000.

This is not law yet but will come into force in September this year.

Adoption of MCC

Our urban lawyer has been in contact with the Town Hall several times recently but has received no satisfactory reply. His advice is now that we should take the Town Hall to court in order to force them to carry out their obligations to us. To this end, you will see a proposal about this on this year’s AGM papers.

Keep MCC a beautiful urbanisation

In two years, more than 200 houses have gained new owners. The most frequently heard buying argument is that the MCC looks so nice, which of course is fantastic and we are proud of that. A lot of things like collecting rubbish, maintaining the greenery, street lighting, maintaining the streets and getting water leaks repaired we can take care of as community of owners however other things like keeping the area tidy at the rubbish bins and clearing dog poo, maintaining one's own garden and property and treating each other with respect those are things we can all do together to make the MCC a nice place to live for everyone.

A few examples of the quote “Ask not what your urbanization can do for you – ask what you can do for your urbanization,” can be found below.

The history of the MCC can be found HERE

Back road

With the help of a resident of the MCC and la Asociación de Vecinos de El Garrobo, the signature campaign had been set up last year to get the back road improved. Thanks to their efforts, we can now drive on a newly asphalted road again.

Sewage Plant

Some things are taken for granted or are unknown. Probably the sewage treatment plant is one such thing.

The MCC has a wastewater treatment plant through which we treat sewage water and can reuse it to water the public gardens. This allows us to keep the MCC so beautifully green with beautiful plants.

In 2022, the AoN funded a UV Lamp treatment system, which allows us to use much less chlorine.

In all these years, this chlorine did cause the roof of the treatment plant to be almost completely rusted away and in need of renewal. Also needed are things that prevent algae and scum from building up, a new storage area for spare parts and a thorough clean-up of the site.

We are currently looking at what the costs are and how to pay for and supervise this project.

Reminder to all owners

Temperatures have shot up again in the past week and we are enjoying the beautiful weather again.

This also means the plants and also, unfortunately, the weeds are making a growth spurt. Should you not be at the MCC please do make sure your garden is maintained by a gardener or perhaps a nice neighbour.

The same goes for a swimming pool, make sure the water is in good condition. Green pools or small stagnant bits of water attract mosquitoes. We certainly don't want the tiger mosquito here. So please maintain the pool.

It is a duty of every resident to take care of this.

Many thanks for reading this newsletter and I hope you found it useful.

Kind regards,
Glenys Golding