Behind the Scenes Part 3.

I have been asked to put an update together on the activity that is currently happening with regards to the collection of the outstanding Community Fees and Water Bills.

I think the best way to describe this as being equivalent to “Painting the Forth Road bridge “ in as much as we will never get to the end of it.

In my article Debtors and Debt Control which is available in Latest News on the MCC website I outlined the work that is continually taking place, and the on-going challenges and problems that regular occur. I am also sure you will understand that because we are dealing with private information, I can’t go into too much individual detail.

This activity in many cases has been going on for months with numerous emails being sent, and not always being responded to.

As an example, I have been in communication with an owner which went on for over 6 months and this resulted in approximately 50 emails to try and get them to pay their outstanding debts. Ultimately it resulted in, “the facility that provides water to the property” being removed. At the time, because of our strict lockdown the owner was advised not to come to MCC. Despite the advice, they travelled, and arrived to discover that the actions we had informed them of, had been taken.

The outstanding debts were paid in full within a couple of days

Some of the activity at the moment is following up on the outstanding Aqualia accounts, where an owner has, for whatever reason missed one or a number of payments. These may not have been for this year, but they still need to be followed up and resolved and again, in many cases this has been going on for months with numerous emails being sent, and not always responded to.

I hope this gives an idea of the enormous amount of time and effort that is being freely given to help and sometimes get owners to resolve the various issues.

Tony Lee