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Mazarrón Country Club.

The Board of Owners

Mazarrón Country Club has a Board, (image below) elected by the owners, to look after the interests of the Community ensuring that all communal areas are looked after including waste water treatment, security and cameras, rubbish collection, street lighting, gardening and general upkeep of the Urbanisation.

It is worth noting that under Spanish Law, If no one volunteers to be President, someone can be assigned to serve based on a rotation of the owners or based on a rotation by lot number. In practice, if there are no volunteers, one property will be chosen by lottery to begin the rotation and the decided upon order will be followed thereafter.

Making Changes to Your Home?

Once you have a property in Spain, it is likely that you will find some improvements you want to make to it. Perhaps a new patio, a conservatory or a lick of paint. If you look at an older urbanisation in Spain it can be surprising to think that the houses ever looked the same. People have built up, down and around their properties, added sheds, built garages, conservatories and extensions. There doesn’t seem to be one property on some urbanisations that hasn’t been changed in some way.

This might give the impression that making home improvements in Spain is down to each home owner’s prerogative. This is far from the case.

Different Types of Licence

All home improvements will need some form of Building Licence in Spain for them to legally go ahead. They are divided into two types:

Licences must be applied for from the Town Hall. If it is a major works then you will need an architect’s drawing in order to get permission. You should be wary of builders who say that they have already obtained a licence on your behalf.

Having a licence for home improvements is your responsibility. It won’t be the builder who has to have an extension demolished if the correct paper work isn’t in place.

No Licence?

If for some reason you have completed building work without taking the proper measures then it may be possible for you to rectify the situation. You can apply for retrospective planning permission to make sure your home improvement is legal.

If you don’t have the correct licences, then there can be problems when it comes to bequeathing or selling your property. The specifications on the Title Deed in Spain must relate to the property being transferred. This won’t be the case if you have made changes and not applied for a licence or informed the correct people.

It might look like everyone breaks the rules. However, if your refurbishment is spotted by the local planning department you cannot use this as an excuse. If you haven’t followed the correct procedures you can be asked to demolish your extension or restore your property to the way it was before the refurbishment was made. Not the best outcome for your home improvement plans in Spain.

House & Fencing Colours on MCC

At the AGM in March 2018, it was overwhelmingly agreed that we should ensure that all Owners of properties on MCC adhere to the yellow and ‘off’ white colour scheme. Under article 2 of the statutes of MCC and under article 7 of the Horizontal Property Law it clearly states that the property colours should remain the same as those originally applied.

The colours originally applied are Petrex 5, and Marfil Claro (Liso) which is the off-white, and Amarillo Castilla (Liso) which is the yellow and these specific colours are obtainable from Pinturas Dario in Mazarrón town. The metal fencing should be black or white. Please use these colours when re-painting your property, to safeguard the aesthetics of our environment and be aware that any Owner deviating from these colours can be asked to re-paint their property.

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